Welcome to this life-changing event.
This interview series is intended to inspire you to live a radically authentic life and deepen your awareness of yourself, others and our world.
It has literally changed lives!

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All- Access Pass Includes:

  • Downloadable MP4 video and MP3 audio recordings of all the interviews so you can listen to them at your convenience.
  • Masterclasses
  • The Star Diagram and the Journey to Wholeness with Didi Firman (value $50)
  • How To Overcome Anxiety and Stop Obsessive Thinking with Jennifer Grace (value $50)
  • Five Tips to Embody Wholeness in Everyday Life with Michelle Alva (value $50)
  • Defining Your Map and Charting Your Course with Melissa Binkley (value $50)
  • Courage to Be Great + Cheat Sheet with Shirly Joy Weiss (value $50)
  • How to Find Your True Calling with Anita Wing Lee (value $50)
  • Other Bonuses
  • 30 Day Circling E-Course with Amy Silverman and John Thompson (value $99)
  • Gratitude Training Part 1 with Jo Englesson ($600 value)
  • Private 30-minute Deep Inquiry Session with Val Silidker (for the first 25 people!) to deep dive into YOU! (value $110)
  • Access to Awaken to Wholeness Mini-Course with Val Silidker Three week course, which includes videos and live group sessions. This course is a deeper invitation to explore psychological and spiritual wholeness. It begins February 7th, 2017. (value $297)

Total Value Over $1300
Only $97

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Here is what some of our participants have said about the Summit:

Thank you so much for opening your hearts and pouring your love out into the world. Each one of you has gifted me with many things by the way you show up and share your deepest passion. I am hungry for spiritual expansion and you are feeding my need with such diversity and honest sharing. We are only half way, and I feel that I am transformed...This summit proves there is love in this world that can be shared and used as a catalyst for expansion of our collective experience. In appreciation of all that you are and all you are helping me become.


We have come to be DANCED!! We have come!! So much wisdom being shared & explored at Awaken to Wholeness Summit... A non-violent revolution of Love in action! Thank you!!!


So many take-aways from this [Summit], from Renewing Courage, to opening my eyes to mass extinction, to shifting my awareness to the cosmos BENEATH me!


There has been such an input, and I feel this will keep resonating and radiating in and through me. You are all so beautiful and living your wisdom. I feel so blessed by you and every speaker. It has been a wonderful journey that changed me. [It] strengthened me in my inner work and filled me with overflowing joy, hope, playfulness and openness.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


What an amazing summit!!! So grateful for all these amazing resources.


JOY IS POWER!!!! Loving every minute of this soul inspiring information.


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