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The Star Diagram and the Journey to Wholeness with Didi Firman

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How To Overcome Anxiety and Stop Obsessive Thinking with Jennifer Grace

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Five Tips to Embody Wholeness in Everyday Life with Michelle Alva

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Defining Your Map and Charting Your Course with Melissa Binkley

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Courage to Be Great + Cheat Sheet with Shirly Joy Weiss

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How to Find Your True Calling with Anita Wing Lee

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30 Day Circling E-Course with Amy Silverman and John Thompson

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Gratitude Training Part 1 with Jo Englesson

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30-minute Soulhealing Session with Parashakti (for the first 25 people!)

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Private 30-minute Deep Inquiry Session with Val Silidker

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Access to Awaken to Wholeness Course with Val Silidker

Begins February 7, 2017. Please watch your email for the schedule and log-in details.

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